Art Space

Welcome to the colorful Art Space.


Here you will not only find exciting art and immersive VR worlds, but you can also diligently tinker our festival floors yourself - just print out, cut to size and fold ❤️️


Would you like to create your own little festival?


Then you can easily print out the respective templates, cut them out, fold them up and glue them on - voila, your own floors at home!

Solar Flare




Terra Nova

Outer Space


VR Welt

Do you want to go into a crazy and colorful world without leaving your house?


Then let's go into this wondrous world, which, by the way, can also be explored on your screen without VR glasses!

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Miguel Canal

We are very pleased to present a selection of the impressive audiovisual art by the Colombian artist Miguel Canal at our festival.

Expanded cine-mind

This project is developed using the mushroom mycelium as a livingexample of the rhizome figure created by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. By comparing those 2 systems, and exploring their inherent characteristics and architecture, is then possible to find their struc-ture occurring in other dimensions of the existent, like the brain, the internet, the black matter in the outer space, the protozoa kingdom and artificial neuronal networks. By doing that, it is possible to define the mycelium and the rhizome as an archetypal shape of system, and therefore, understand it as a naturally created structure that permits flows of energy in special ways, at the same time that occurs in nature and technology blurring the line marked between them. Finally, and with the boundaries between us and our technology dissolved, this project explores new media arts as an extension of our bodies, that when used wisely, have the potential to merge elements from all kingdoms and spheres towards the understanding of them as whole and complete super system of relations.

Ephemeral Dancers

Movement, time and light are the key elements of this work in exploring the ephemerality of images. Ephemeral Dancers uses the idea of ephemerality to question our perception and to create an understanding of images as a transient result of the artistic process. Dance, video and phosphorescence are the essential tools used for the projection of images onto a photosensitive surface. They appear, merge and vanish, allowing the viewers to see the impermanent essence of images. Thanks to the phosphorescent paint, images are transformed from video to brief light radiation that re-emits the video projection and which creates a multilayered video painting where movement and time are just traces of light.

Esta es mi vereda

Transcoding, evolution, cycle, death, mutation, reproduction and stasis are not only processes inherent to biological beings; They also inhabit the life of the images allowing us to understand them as natural living beings. 

Identifying and adapting those natural processes, for the creation of methods of assembly, editing and reproduction, where the main processes for creating this project.

The images I worked with belong to a past time, they are inherited from my lineage, are part of my history and myself, my own biology and the Colombian social context to which they never ceased to refer.

This project contains images that come from the films that Gonzalo Canal Ramírez, my grandfather, made in the 1950s in Colombia.

I re-read the historical image and reconfigure its meanings in a process of reconstruction of memory.


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