captain chucha

We want to give you a very sweet welcome to our red velvet kingdom. We are Captain Chucha a collective from Santiago de Chile. 

Under deities and mythological beings this kingdom of the red velvet is known to be a magical place, where you can experience the sweetness of the wild bohemian rhythm. Our mandate is to bring joy and  freedom to all the people of the world, in order to keep the balance of the universal heart.

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Our artists


DJ and music producer belonging to the label Austral Kollektiv, his musical trips stand out for the harmony of the melodies that run through various styles from a melodic afro house to a progressive spiritual techno, which makes us live a diversity of magical sensations and elevated in their sets.

Inti Kunza

Born in Germany, this Chilean DJ has been influencing the scene for years with a mix between Latin American sounds and global electronics. In 2016 he founded the netlabel “la chimba discos” where he generated a platform for club music made in latin america where different styles come together in an avant-garde proposal between identity and futurism.

Melania Wonder

Dj born in Córdoba, Argentina. Is her versatility and commitment that has opened doors for her in different areas of the Chilean scene, especially the Queer community. Her groove-laden sets accomplish a coherent journey through music with no discrimination against genres or languages.

Rę Parra

DJ artist who runs her life with electronic music since 2012. She is recognized in the underground techno scene of Chile for integrating her presentations with live vocals and mixing a delicious set of progressive, acid, rave and trance genre.

Walt Cor P

Walt Cor P is the experiment itself. Sounds cross borders. He has been able to reflect his mixes in the Harmonia Tou Kosmou series, where he shows the selections guided by his ears. He has been producing for quite some time, trying to give melodic nuances to his sounds, trying to immerse himself in the dreamlike of his mixes.

Anto Astudillo

Queer non-binary experimental filmmaker, writer, curator and performance artist from Santiago, Chile. Anto has taught 16mm film production in different film schools in the US and is one of the founding members of the AgX Film Collective.


Revue show that through the fusion of various languages such as theatre, dance, intervention and performance; the mission is to carry a message of inclusion and social empathy through a dynamic and effervescent feast of cabaret full of colors and textures.

Carla Valenti

Chilean producer and DJ, one of Chile’s best  dance floor exponents. Her music explores house and club dance genres, mixing Afro Latin and Andean elements. She’s one of the founders of La Chimba Discos, a label which aims to be a meeting point for dance music and Andean and Latin American folklore.


Dj Maxicat has been sneaking through the cracks of Santiago's underground for some time now, whether he be playing heavy afro-drum club hitters, vintage techno, voguing ballroom material or leftfield crate-diggers delight, he always manages to lite up the dancefloor, to get the dancers movin', to make the floor sweat and pump.

Pulli & Chomba

In order to guard the wild bohemian rhythm, Pulli & Chomba took the sweet mandate to bring joy and pleasure to all the souls of the world. With fantastic afro and melodic sounds, they will make you connect to the beat of the universal heart. Liberate the beautiful wings of your heart and let’s dance together in eternal freedom.

Un Chucao

Un Chucao invites you on a journey into your inner self through gentle, deep and hypnotic electronic beats, mixtures that intend a sway of dark and luminous atmospheres that will lead you to connect with the ritual dance of the forest.


Co creator of the project Kompáz festival. He is a soul loaded with space sounds and beats demarcated by the downtempo, able to integrate harmonies which always seek to generate an atmosphere full of heat and energy, thus to make laugh and enjoy everyone.

Macarena Paz

Social photographer (analog and digital) from the core of humanity in events all over the world since 2008. Born and raised in Chile. South American rooted but flying all over the place.

Curator of our “revolution Gallery” with 13 chilean photographers: 

Carolinattack @carolinattack, Elisa Torres @elisatorress, Fantasma de una Foto @f_d_u_f, Felipe Sandoval @felipesandoval_b, Marisa Niño @marisanv.fotografia, Matias Pizarro @piro.riso56, Mvnoz @mvnozrf, Nicolas Diaz @nicodiaz.s, Pablo Hidalgo @pablohidalgou, Paula Leonor, Tucofotos @tucofotos, Victor R. Zepeda @victorframess

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