Captain Chucha Audiovisuelle Galerie

Suspension, Tension and Release is a video/film trilogy:

Suspension is a place of combustion and ideas burning. Suspension gives birth to unsettling grounds. There is an entire country shaking from beneath, the subways are inside out, the people in them aren’t afraid to resurface; the revolution will only take seconds to burst. A queer body is formed from flames laying on a red velvet bed waiting to begin the longest earthquake in history. 

Tension is a fast beating heart. The drums become louder, the voices become a choir. The single shouting becomes a chant and the songs multiply until they break down old structures of oppression. The glass shatters, the pavement is a weapon against policing and the people take over the streets to reclaim what belongs to us: our dignity and freedom to love and be whoever we want. 

Release is the path we build together. Release is the celebration of our community growing, glowing and never stopping to create new meaning. When we release we open a door to a new and free world where gender does not divide us but presents itself as beautiful diversity. When we release, we eliminate what no longer serves us, those systems of oppression that were never meant to protect us. Liberate your mind from racism, classism, colonialism, heteronormativity, patriarchy… break the fence, break the walls, break free, dance and release!

© 2020 created with love by Dies | Das Kollektiv.

From Berlin. For Everyone.