Frequently Asked Questions

(and answers)



What is the Drunter & Drüber Festival?

The Drunter & Drüber Festival is a completely decentralized online event with which we want to bring people together from all over the world. There will be the finest electronic sounds on several floors, a stage with live music and a wide range of workshops.


All of this for free, non-commercial and donation based <3


When does the Drunter & Drüber Festival take place?

The Drunter & Drüber Festival will take place on December 12th and 13th.


How can you organize a festival despite the corona situation?

The Drunter & Drüber Festival takes place entirely online, so everyone can participate in the festival from the comfort of their own home.


Where does the Drunter & Drüber Festival take place / How can I participate?

We will upload all important information (timetables, artists, workshops, etc.) here on the website.


Shortly before the festival, we will publish an interactive festival map here on the website. With this map you can act interactively and by clicking on a certain floor / area you come directly to the respective stream.


Does the Drunter & Drüber Festival cost anything?

No, the festival is completely free, non-commercial & donation based. Our artists & workshops hosts do not receive any money from us and do all of this just out of their mood.


If you have and want the opportunity, you are very welcome to donate for them.


Who organizes the Drunter & Drüber Festival?

We from this | The collective from Berlin organize the Drunter & Drüber Festival.


We are actively supported by numerous other collectives, projects and labels.




What workshops are there?

You will soon find our complete workshop program on our website.


How can I take part in the workshops?

In order to take part in a workshop, you must first register using the registration form under the respective workshop. The workshop hosts will then contact you in advance of the workshop by email with all further information.


Why do I have to register for the workshops?

In some workshops there is a limited number of places to guarantee an interactive and confidential atmosphere. Other workshops are unlimited and anyone who wants can take part.


The workshop hosts will write you an email in advance of the workshop, in which they will give you all further details regarding participation, preparations, etc.


How do the workshops work?

All workshops take place digitally. You can find out exactly how this is planned for the respective workshops in the info mail that the workshop hosts will send to the registered people in advance.


Donate & Supporter Ticket


Why are donations collected?

All of our Artists & Workshop Hosts get involved completely free of charge and only out of love for the cause - if you can and want to, we would be very happy if you could leave them a small donation <3


30% of all donations that go to us through the Betterplace campaign will go to Doctors Without Borders


The remaining 60% go to the Artists & Workshop Hosts and 10% to the Dies | The collective for covering all expenses.


How and where can I donate?

You can donate directly here via our Betterplace campaign:


The link is coming soon!


What is the supporter ticket?

For a donation of 15 € we offer you a limited number of volunteer supporter tickets.


For this you get a real printed festival ribbon made of fabric, a high quality printed festival map and a few stickers;)


We will donate 20% of the ticket price to Doctors Without Borders, so you can relax and collect a few good karma points <3


Of the remaining amount, 50% goes to us to cover our costs (technical infrastructure, printing, etc.) and 30% is shared among all artists & workshop hosts.

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