Unlimited love. A feeling of belonging. Pure lust for life


Especially in such difficult and disturbing times like the present, it is even more important for people from all over the world to have a positive, connecting and exhilarating experience


Born from the common desire to share all these things with other people, the idea of a unique, completely decentralized online event was born - the Drunter & Drüber Festival <3 


Together with several befriended collectives, we from the Dies | Das Kollektiv from Berlin  have started organizing and are beyond happy to be able to offer you a real firework of exciting programs. On numerous floors, exquisite line ups will serve you a real feast for your ears with electronic sounds - we are especially happy to also offer you a stage with beautiful live music


The whole thing will be rounded off with a wonderful range of workshops, whose hosts can't wait to infect you with their passion! 


You can access all these great offers via a specially created interactive festival map, which you can find here:


All this is free, non-commercial & donation based <3 


But what would a festival be without a chic festival ribbon on the wrist? For a donation of only 10€ you can get one of our limited supporter tickets - for that, you will receive a real printed festival ribbon made of fabric, a high quality printed festival map and some nice stickers. At the same time you will collect good karma points - we donate 20% to Doctors Without Borders! (You can find more information about the voluntary supporter ticket in our FAQs)


We are looking forward to commence our decentralized escalation together with you on April 25th & 26th


In this sense: 

Don't worry mom, we'll escalate moderately. From Berlin. For everyone. 


Your Dies | Das Kollektiv




 ĀRĀ / Adrian Sand / Agonie / Amana Fedora / AndShe / Anrey / Antonella / Asem Shama / BALK / Becka:e / Behring / Ben Mono b2b TMSN / Berta Bending feat.Timbaba *live / Beth Alana / Blitzer & Glitzer / Bongsy / Coramøøn / Daniela Hensel / Daniel Jaeger / Demir & Seymen / Dezentral b2b Distrance / DouglesBeaverton / Ecke / eigenstil / Falmarin / FEVZEE / Yves Meyer / Flucs / Foolik / Freedom B / Gianni Noel / Heggi / Hippies Against Boarders / HRTML / Immersiv / INKAA / INNACIRCLE *live / Johannes Klein / Joshua Jansohn / Joshua Liebe / 

Ju /lien / Kaspar Krug / Kataya / KimCue b2b Mike Bukowski & Mikadoo / klangkatapult / Kotti Carsten / Kútus feat MN.JA *live / Lasse Tanzn / lenzlenz /

Lilly & Kazan / lin_x b2b rhus-tox. / Loora / Lorenza Laserstein / Louisiane / Luca Weege *live / LU MIA / Madame / Mal.Da / Maltesar / Mao / Mav Stone / Max Wittig / Michael Gubaew / Moji / Moksha Medicine / Moondrops / Mr. Fonk / Nanno / Ninsn / Nyndax / OELEX / OFFstream / Olek b2b Chacho / Onawa / Onix / Pabel / Picassi / Picazzo&Joy / Raphael Hofman / Sagan / Sahra Bass + Wohnzimmergast / Sayuri b2b Ocean Seven / Seeleâ / Shimanski / SKALA / Smau / Sonne, Mond & Mango / Syrap / Tanz Franz / Till Antonio / Toxido Mask / Ukik / Ute Ungewiss / Wolperdinger / Xüller / zweifelsfall 


Álvaro Zambrano / Bitch Please / Buck It / CILE / Cuche Tango / Fernanda Aleman / Hannah Jaha / Hoy Gut / Ian Lasserre / Johanna Amelie / Jose Gil / KonstanThyme / LIE NING / Marble Waves / Sara Hartmann & Yamirah / She goes North / Temple Haze / Thala / Tommy Jay Brownson / Trio Nidaš 


AcroYoga / Animal Movement / Connected healing ceremony (with cacao) / Guided Conscious Touch | Thai Massage / Handstand / Sacred Geometry & Sound Jam / Meditation / Meditative drawing with Katta / Power Flow Yoga / Yoga / Zwillings Flow



All festivals are cancelled, but you still want to have a nice new ribbon around your wrist and do something good at the same time? 


Then you've come to the right place <3

We exclusively offer you a limited number of supporter tickets. For a donation of only 10€ you will get a real printed festival ribbon made of fabric, a high quality printed festival map, the official timetable and a few stickers on top. If that's not cool enough you wonder? 



We will donate 20% of your ticket price to Doctors Without Borders, so you can relax and collect some good karma points <3 


Of the remaining amount, 30% goes to us to cover our costs (technical infrastructure, printing, etc.)

and 50% is shared between all Artists & Workshop hosts. 


All collected data will be deleted by us after the festival!


Stay connected <3


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From Berlin. For Everyone.