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“Raw vegan” means:

delicious and vegan at the same time!


Wow, and now also à la Plant-Based-Berlin seasonal & regional? Is that even possible with us in Germany?

Sure, if not now, when? Summer is a very fruitful season for fruit and vegetables.

It is precisely then that many people feel an increasing desire for something fresh and light. So suitable to devote yourself to the topic of “raw vegan”!


But why the whole thing at all? What are the advantages and what should you pay attention to? Are there any mistakes you should avoid if you want to try this diet? And where do you get all the essential nutrients from?

In the following, an input will be given on all the questions.


First of all: The raw vegan diet is not a diet in the classic sense. It is rather a lifestyle. There are no strict dogmas and it does not mean that you demonize cooked food, that it is totally unhealthy or that you can no longer eat it.

This introduction to raw vegan cuisine is only intended to provide an offer to get an idea of what is behind this kind of cooking ... er preparation (!). Of course, every person can also try this out afterwards! (See the recipes below on our summer brunch)


A varied diet of raw and cooked delicacies is a good mediocrity. That is why we have two summer cooking videos for you if you feel the urge to heat up the oven or swing the wooden spoon!


Here is a crisp morning recipe from our dear Vicky: cereal muffins; and an evening, light summer dish from our great Felix: broccoli and millet salad. ”

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