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Everything is more beautiful when done with love.

Rave for Good Is a Berlin-based collective with the shared goal of supporting

non-profit/solidarity projects trough music and events.

Started in 2018, “Rave for Good” began as a small group of artists and ravers.

After organizing many parties “just for fun”, together they decided to start

raving for a good cause.

Instead of pocketing the money, the Rave for Good community uses the profit

to bring smiles to people in unfortunate situations around the world.

At each party, Rave for Good aims to create a lovely and peaceful atmosphere

with an emphasis on community.

Together with our music we can change the world!

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Our artists


Memo. grew up in Switzerland and discovered his passion for electronic music at
the age of seven.
Inspired by emotions, he decided to follow his biggest dream and started to produce his own music
in 2013.
He discovered his talent for mixing one year later, when a friend gave him an old Dj controller.
Since then his love for techno has not left him.
After familiarizing with the scene in Zurich, he decided to make his way to Berlin, grooving the
world-famous underground with dark tech-house, connected to melodic techno-beats.
Being a native digital and a techno driven child, Memo. brings the optimal sensitivity to the right
clientele at the right time.
Since November 2016 he is a part of the DCMB family and since 2017 a part of Dazed State!




The Relative Zero

The Relative Zero is also part of the Rave For Good founding team. He
is an electronic Music Producer/ DJ proudly representing Berlin, Germany and Boulder,
Colorado USA. Specialising in the production of melodic-techno, The Relative Zero
combines classical chord progressions with contemporary electronic sound design,
creating unique tales to each listener. The Relative Zero is also founder of Berlin’s Relativ
Studios, a professional music studio located Neukölln, Berlin.





Dimitry Louis van der Wal aka Sterioa´s music goes beyond the sleek, reflective
surfaces in sound. He frequently uses spiritual influences, impressions, thoughts and visions of the
mind that he then distorts to create sensory sound illusions. The result is a blend of atmospheric
and deeper melodic techno that manipulate the physical experience of inhabiting space and sound.
His work appear to be a fusion of dreams and reality that extend beyond the melodic trends in
electronic music.
In Summer 2018 his first release came out on Einmusika Recordings, a collab with Budakid. As an
event organiser of underground raves, Sterioa is also highly involved in the vibrant party scene of
Berlin. He is currently working in the studio to further develop his ambition of making dynamic
melodic sounds and captivating beats that will be released on several EP’s in the near future.




Modular 21

On the 24th of July the first EP called “Brave New World EP” including the already before release by many DJs supported “Brave New World” of the newly founded duo Modular21 (Fabian West & Aphrotyria) will be released on TIEFDRUCKGEBEAT. Fabian West was one of the first producers who released on Tiefdruckgebeat and since then grew with the label. He already played in clubs such as Helios37, Rotunde, Burg Schnabel, Matrix (Bochum) or Schumacher. Tobs on the other side dived into a lot of various music styles, including classical music, but excluding techno. Their EP is not only interesting because of their hard beats and the dramatic melodies, but it tells the story of the friendship of Fabi and Tobs. They already know each other since years, but they had a private conflict, which was so serious that they didn't speak to each other for years. One year ago they randomly met in a club, because Fabi recognized Tobs' tattoo. Few days later Fabi invited Tobs to his studio, where they created a lot of music such as "A Brave New World", which symbolizes the story of their friendship with separation, sorrow, but to meet each other again and to make up with the past and to move forward. 
Fun Fact: Half of the hihats are parrot cries, The Synthesizers in the First Break are elephants and dolphins and the atmo to the first break is a down pitched buzz of a mosquito.




Flair and feeling are at the forefront of Barber’s musical armoury, be it DJing or
producing. His expertise in the latter is testament to why his diary is full of studio clientele
looking for something a little more… “Mmmm, Yes Bruv!”, and why key industry taste
makers are sitting up, taking note, signing and playing his tracks.
His vigorous and entertaining DJ sets are an extension of his impulsive and fun personality, which
has enabled him to play in both Berlin and London regularly, including Sisyphos, IPSE, Golden
Gate and Egg Club, Fabric, Basing House, Studio 338.
So, other than featuring on ViVA Music: Club Cuts Volume 1, having Darius Syrossian champion
his remix of the classic 808 State track, 'Pacific State’, then featured on the coveted 'Balance
Series' compilation. Or his Fabric London Room 1 performance for 'WetYourSelf'… oh, and
spearheading the Faceless Recordings label takeover at IPSE, Berlin, and Sisyphos, Berlin. More
recently Barber was chosen by the legendary Marshall Jefferson to launch his new label Imprint
Frekin'303 with a five track EP called 'Barber and Friends'
All the while he’s working tirelessly on the label he co-founded with long time friend — respected
DJ/producer, Silky — Faceless Recordings. Together they are the driving force behind this
quality-not-quantity driven underground house and techno label and are preparing for an even
bigger 2017.

With a growing array of original and remix works that impressively count ViVA Music, Suara,
Elrow, Columbia, Flashmob, Freakin 303, Slave, Cubism, Fetch, Onit, Zulu, Seamless, State Of The
Eye, Twisted Fusion, Blackwiz, OFF, Phonetic, Go Deeva, Nervous, Motek, Cr2, and Faceless
Recordings as release carriers, expect to hear a whole lot more Barber audio online and in your
favourite discoteque. Yes Bruv!





Jaamann found his way to the Techno capital - Berlin, where the beat, tempo, rhythm
and infinite combinations of sounds used, roped him into the Techno scene.
In 2018, he's turning his passion into a career, with his first release on Tiefdruckgebeat (a
collaboration with The Relative Zero).
Jaamaan’s sound is best described as dark, melodic Techno - but with a background such
as his, his style remains truly versatile. Jaamann also Organizes Rave for Good with his
crew, a solidarity project aim to help people in unfortunate situations, like bringing water
in a small village in Burkina Faso, his hometown.




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