Something different

"Welcome to the ball pit - welcome to Something Slow aka Something Different. A varied ride through the musically infinite ball pit awaits you. As colorful as the balls, as colorful as the program. Lean back and embark on an endless journey across the sea of balls , Bit different. 🦜🐢 "

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Our artists


passionate electronic music lover and record collector who is strongly believing in the healing power of music.


Tim & Struppel (Tim Bencker & Valentin Ackva) are a Leipzig based DJ Duo who met at the first open air they set up together with friends. They started out organizing open airs and then cofounded the event crew “spielplatzkollektiv”, which has become part of the electronic music scene in Würzburg. They are Residents at the beautiful club WaldschaenkeDornheim and throw several club nights there.

As DJs Tim & Struppel love harmonic mixing ‐ playing melodic and thoughtful Mixes, combining elements of downtempo and house into their energetic and emotional sound.

Tim & Valentin make it an effort to raise awareness for a thought‐ and respectful party‐life. Trained ears team up with their experience as event planners to create a musical and personal journey: playing together with the crowd.

djane austen

With loving clicks and clacks, djane austen steers through the magical forests and playgrounds of Franconia. Everything is played that is not beat and nail resistant and sounds like decelerated bio-techno. Her familiar habitat is the Erlangen HCIT parties and the Von Freunde für Freunde festival near Nuremberg.


ARA are two feathered friends and DJs from Berlin with deep love to slow beats, telling stories and hypnotising their audience with their mix of heavy and melodic sounds. They also look the same from some distance, just like real Aras. A real Ara? It's a neotropical genus of macaws with eight extant species and at least two extinct species. It's a parrot → .


Linus and Julius met first in 2014 during their design studies in Berlin. After discovering their shared passion for music they started mixing together for 2 years before they developed their love for slow and heavy sounds, formed their DJ duo ARA and joined the Something Slow project shortly after. Since then they created mixes for podcasts, performed at many events in Berlin and all around the globe.


Onni was born in Istanbul,Turkey, where he lived whole his life before passion for music brought him to Berlin in 2017. Being loyal to his roots traditional sound is part of his sets to create emotional and unique experience. He brings a mix of slow, deep but nevertheless driving baselines.

Onni is nowadays regular face playing at Katerblau, Sisyphos and Mensch Meier just to mention a few. He also has gigs at festivals like Garbicz and Feel not to forget the ones around Europe. Currently Onni is working on his first EP so we can expect to hear more of him in the future and see him explore the world.

He believes music shall not be limited to genres, but rather it is a way of expressing his emotions. Strong storytelling and bringing listeners to journey through music has become a trademark of his sets.


Manski ist ein Producer, DJ und Live-Act aus Hamburg. Aus unterschiedlichsten Geräuschen kreiert er elektronische Sounds. Seine vielschichtigen Beats sind vor allem durch den Wechsel aus atmosphärischen Klängen, Vokals und treibenden Bässen mitreißend. Kurz gesagt: Manski liebt die Musik und das hört man.


Manski is a producer, DJ and live act from Hamburg. He creates electronic sounds from different noises. His multilayered beats are especially rousing through the alternation of atmospheric sounds, vocals and driving basses. In short: Manski loves music and one can hear that.


Neobeo is the musical pseudonym of Berlin-based Martin Brune. He is a part of ''Copycow Records'' and the ''Synergy Tribe''.

He has long been obsessed with the idea of music in all its variations, beginning his explorations in the field of DJing around 2001. A fan of the extra touch, his DJ sets are streaked with self-recorded samples and live instruments.


Neobeo's home is the downtempo chillout scene. After years living with musicians, in 2001 he visited Morocco to study Darbuka percussion and 2009 the Bansuri flute in north India.


Influenced by his travels around the globe and a wide range of styles including trip hop, blues and dub his love affair with electronic underground music grows up. Whether mashing electronic downtempo blues with 80's synth punk cabaret or post indie garage ballad with a balkan klezmer ambient symphony, Neobeo will take the crowd on a wild and unexpected ride.


At the moment he is back in Berlin after a six-month camper-van trip around Australia and working on new songs and mixtapes. He just finished a live stream recording with birdhouse productions at Kunkerkranich Berlin.

Lucid Lava Lamp

LUCID LAVA LAMB invites you to the lucid dream. To this end, he regularly drives in the @ Waldschänke Dornheim Club as a resident DJ, booker and organizer of the @Yanuwa GangArt and the @ playground collective Schabernack, but with tact. Lucid likes to dive for pearls of different faces of music, it is important to preserve facets. Read emotions and leave emotions. His musical fancies vary from groovy to dreamy to experimental soundscape design. One thing is certain: it will be uncertain! So better expect the unexpected!


Sunny aka “sinamin” is from Dresden and on the move as a DJ since 2016. Since her first Dj experience at Club TBA in Dresden, she collected quite a few of other bookings in clubs and at festivals in and around Dresden, her favorite gigs being at „objekt klein a“ (Dresden) and “Klunkerkranich” (Berlin). Besides djing, she brings her positive drive into several other party and club projects in her hometown. As founder of the DISCOnnect cast and collective she promotes a monthly music podcast as well as regular parties, after-hour events and daytime dances. She this year she has joined her friends at Love Foundation, a global community of students, activists and artists organising events to connect people and raise money for water development projects.


kośa is a soundsmith, the alter ego of Tarun Jakhodia, he brings you a flavour of a mix of downtempo, acid house, minimal//deep-tech ranging from 80 to 120 bpm, electronic yet organic tunes, deep hypnotic meditative grooves and solid kicks infused with Indian, Arabic and other Ethnic influences which we beautifully term 'spiritual deeptech' a genre coined by kośa, rooted in the deepest part of India's underground scene


Troja is a DJ/Producer originally India and now based in between Berlin & Goa. Through releases on Berlins Get Physical Music & Kiosk ID / KaterBlau as well as other international labels such as Lump Records & Buddha Bar, Troja's music has made waves across the global music community. Characterised by mystic chants, moving melodies, euphoric rhythms & solid grooves, Troja's music has swam across the seas and enchanted many dancefloors around the world.

Gabriel Soma

Producer, ethnomusicologist and anthropologist from Mexico, specialized in music with Deep House and Downtempo beats, which admit ethnic instruments and tribal tonalities in its roots.  He currently lives in Berlin, where he collaborates with collectives such as BeHome, Something Slow or The Morph to create static experiences that contain a balance between the spirit of the party and the spirit of the sacred. His Electribal project has been part of festivals and parties in many parts of the world, through which he has rescued diverse pieces of traditional music to adapt them to the ecstatic and exalted beat of electronic music stages.


Inspired by the endless possibilities of throwing dice, breathing and all the forgotten details in everyday life itself.

Echoes of the past and reflections of the future.

Life & death, hopes & dreams, love & loneliness, sadness & delight, ...

We may all swim in different oceans but we do dance on the same shore.

Cosmos Mariner

Born in Texas during a locust plague. I now live San Francisco for some reason. Can’t seem to make music that fits into any kind of modern context. Or maybe it’s all intentional.

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