The collective founded in 2019 currently consists of seven members. It emerged from the simple idea to organize an open air with and for friends. This became the "WidderHai sect". After a few open airs, club events and new members, the new appearance "Stained" was agreed. Partly born in Berlin and partly relocated, the member picture results in a mixed pile. The fun of the decoration work and the amount of self-imposing members results in a group dynamic that places great value on the design and the musical part of the open air and club events. And that is exactly what is important, but not only. The topic of awareness is also very important to you and at events it is important that attention is paid to one another and that there are also rules to be observed, such as keeping nature clean and the sustainability of the decorative elements.

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Our artists


Born and raised in North Rhine-Westphalia, but at heart she was always a little Berliner. She was musically "infected" by the technology legends from Detroit and the British producer Radio Slave. Accordingly, Beryll has found her own style between uplifting house and groovy techno.

Johannes Pan

Born in Berlin, he has been active in music since a young age. 6 years of the orchestra were part of the musical development which, due to the numerous club visits, led to the fact that "Johannes Pan" bought his own equipment and started to play it. He has been there since 2015 and refined his style through countless hours of hanging up. The cornerstones of his sets are variable, impulsive and melodic.

Johannes has been part of the “EXIT” collective since 2018 and has been a member of the “Katzenjammer Rec. Berlin” organizer crew since the beginning of 2019, which means that he has already been able to deliver at some open airs and in some Berlin clubs.


Flosskowitsch first came into contact with electronic dance music at the age of twelve.

A "Trance Compliation" CD by his father sparked his fascination for driving, rhythmic sound and is still going strong today.


Inspired by the capital's scene, Flosskowitsch mixed the first tracks on his own controller in 2016. From then on, hardly a day passed without practice.


Dozens of living room sessions later it was time, on NYE 18/19 Flosskowitsch stood for the first time at a private rave in Berlin-Lichtenberg on the decks in front of an audience and was able to prove himself.


Whether driving hard acid techno in the dark cellar or winding progressive house at the after-hour, Flosskowitsch's sound & the skills at the mixer have one thing in common: dynamism and variety. Mostly Playtime and the vibes of the party influence his musical genre for the evening.


In addition to numerous open airs in the capital's bacon belt, Flosskowitsch's references include clubs such as the Anomaly Art Club, the Kulturbotschaft Berlin-Lichtenberg and the Anker Werkstatt Stralsund.

Chris Edelhoff

Fast, Hard & Dirty, three words that are no stranger to Chris and probably best describe his sound. Dark techno beyond 130 bpm suitably combined with tracks from similar genres like acid or industrial techno. The Berlin native is not only active on the decks, Chris was also able to celebrate his first personal success as a producer after a short time. He released his first two productions on his Sound Cloud account.


Some references:

BAALSAAL (Hamburg) / AVA- Club (Berlin) / Humboldthain Club (Berlin) / ROSA (Greifswald) / Jubilee Festival (Galenbeck)

Marc Moeller

About 2 1/2 years ago, the newcomer Marc Moeller discovered the love for DJing, about a year later he also began to produce. Up until now, he played his biggest gig in some small clubs like Humboldthain or the Rosa-Panzer this year at the NATURE ONE Festival. He can be recognized by his dark industrial sounds, mixed with happy but driving trance sounds, which quickly draws the listener under his spell.


Born & raised on the Baltic coast, the young DJ & organizer Disco Cat moved to the capital a few years ago.

With the foundation of the music and art collective EXIT, the stone got rolling and created the basis for organizing and recording regular open-air & club events in Berlin and beyond.

As head of the “Katzenjammer Records Berlin” record & event label founded in spring 2019, Disco Cat expanded its network and reach in the Berlin scene.

In addition to regular label parties in the clubs in the capital, there are new releases every month on Beatport & co. to find.

Since 2019, Disco Cat has been part of the inner core of the "Jubilee Festival" in Galenbeck, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which takes place annually in June, where it not only enriches the festival organisationally but also musically every year.

His references include playtimes in "the white rabbit" in Berlin, "Fundbureau" in Hamburg, "ROSA" in Greifswald or the legendary "OXA Beach" on the Thai island of Koh Phangan.

Nik de Burk

Nik de Burk has always felt comfortable in the electronic dance and music world and he thought he would like to heat up the crowd. So 5 years ago he bought his first mixer and recorded his own sets. He has already demonstrated his talent at open airs, birthdays and smaller events. First with deep deephouse basses, later with a solid techhouse. He has been at home in the melodic techno scene for about half a year.


The half-Finn, born in Sweden, moved to Germany with his family at the age of 4. After a few moves, he ended up in Berlin's bacon belt in 2004. After spending his youth there, he moved to the capital.

There he has been in the world of celebrations for almost a decade and collects musical impressions. After he had his first experiences with organizing open airs in 2015, he founded his first collective “Stained” with friends in summer 2019.

His main musical focus is on techno from 140 bpm upwards, whereby a juicy, bouncing kick plays a big role for him.

But he also has fun behind the decks with downtempo, bass-heavy tech house, and many other music styles.

Beth Alana

Beth Alana is a resident and co-founder of the rave project. Her music is known for pushing the limits of techno with intensity and speed. Beth’s international music background leads her to experiment with genres such as UK Garage and Drum & Bass, and mix them with classic German rave sounds.

Adrian Sand

As a resident DJ and co-founder of the project, Adrian Sand had his fingers on several raves.

Hard decorated basslines determine his style, which he throws onto the floors with atmospheric and old school elements.

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