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Here you will find all information about our wide range of workshops. As soon as you have found a workshop you like, you can easily register for the workshop using the registration button! The workshops will take place on the Tempelhofer Feld and streamed at the same time! Where exactly do you get as info in an email in advance :)


As some workshops only have a limited number of places (15), we ask that you only really register for workshops in which you can also participate <3

Movementcircle - with Lola and Oli 10:00-12:00

You feel like doing holistic movements?! You like to play with different qualities of movement? And you like to be in community?

What can you expect?

In our workshop we want to go through different movement qualities with you.  Lola and Oli will guide you through the whole time.  At the same time we will give you enough space to explore and feel. We will travel with you and want to playfully explore dance, yoga, animals, osteopathy, breathing, bodywork and meditation.  It is very important to us that you as a human being recognize and practice which movements are good for you and how to use your body in healthy way.

How long does the workshop last and what do you need?

- Please plan a total of  2 hours

- Pack your comfortable clothes

Who is leading the workshop?

---------- Oli -----------

Oli`s passion and motivation is to create a space in which he can devote himself to your being. As a trained physiotherapist and osteopath, the term bodyworker best applies to him. In order to understand feelings/emotions/thoughts better, he deals with the eastern teachings and studies with Pascal Beaumart (Holisticbodywork).

Please feel free to get an overview on my homepage on write me a personal message if you have questions.

---------- Lola ----------

Lola Lustosa is an independent Brazilian artist, performer and filmmaker based in Berlin.  She uses time, light, space, improvisation and the movement of the human body as inspiration for her work. Visit her on her homepage

Yoga with mimi 12:30-13:30

Hello Sunshine,


the past month was quite a lot, wasn't it? Given the racist atrocities and pandemic still raging, it can feel very difficult to deal with. If I've learned anything lately, it's the Black Lives Matter movement because nothing changes unless people do and that's what makes the world a better place.

But in order to keep a clear head and mind, we should keep coming back to ourselves.

In the past few weeks, I have worked a lot on the upcoming hours to guide our bodies through breathing and movements in the river.


For our hour together we are facing a sweaty yoga flow for willpower and motivation, which focuses on the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra.


If we pull the earth from the first chakra (root chakra), the movement from the second chakra (sacral chakra), it creates a new third state: raw burning energy.

We want to ignite our willpower and motivate ourselves to take action.

Through fire breath (Kapalabhati), which comes from Sanskrit and means something like "to make the skull glow". And that is exactly what is important in technology. The pulsating breathing strives for a clear and alert mind. Our head should shine, broaden its horizon. But what is special about the breath of fire? It is the concentration on the here and now, on the moment. We give ourselves completely to ourselves. Relaxed and mindful we lose ourselves in the moment. Our senses are sharpened, concentration activates. We feel ready for any challenge.


Don't worry - you don't need any previous knowledge! This is an introduction to the world of charkras with beginner positions and variations based on them.


What you need:

your own yoga mat

Comfortable clothing



What we have to consider:

1.5 meter distance


No handson adjustmets no massages


I look forward to lighting the fire together. We'll see you on the mat.

From my heart to yours, Namaste



fæmm 14:00-15:30

We cordially invite you to join us on the topic "What do visitors want at a festival, what is still too little or not implemented?"

In this context, we want to find out how, above all, the issue of gender justice gets even more space at a festival and so the needs of all visitors are taken into account.

We look forward to your reports and suggestions!

Your fæmms.

We are fæmm, a feminist initiative in the German music industry that represents queer feminist and intersectional values ​​and strives for equal rights for everyone in the music industry. We are a network for exchange and discussion and want to give space to those who normally work behind the scenes or are new to the industry. We are an association of five women who work in different areas of the music industry.


Every second Wednesday we have an (online) regulars' table with various topics / questions that we can discuss comfortably there - we would be happy if you drop by!

You can also find us on Instagram at and on Spotify, where we have put together and curated several (feminist) playlists for you.

Vinyasa Flow with Franziska and Saskia 16: 00-17: 00

Franziska and Saskia are Multistyle Yoga Teachers, trained at source in Goa, India 2020. For Drunter und Drüber Festival they team up and prepare a beautiful 60 Min Hatha Viyasa Flow for the students, including Pranayama and some Knowledge about Yoga. The topic of Franzi’s and Saskia’s sequence will be the change of perspective and to open our hearts to everything that comes our way. 
Let’s flow together on Saturday, 17.04 at Tempelhofer Feld from 4 p.m.

Franziska Instagram                                                                        Saskia Instagram

Hatha Yoga Flow all levels mit yogajourneyberlin  17:30-19:00

Let us go on a very special journey together - the journey to you!

In my class you will experience a combination of breathing, movement and meditation that will allow you to escape the dream we live for a short time and connect with your spiritual wisdom. 

You will become sensitive to the signals of your body, your breath and the flow of energies and take this ability with you into the day!


As a certified yoga teacher and thoroughbred yogini on and off the mat, Yoga has captivated Christina first on the physical, then on the energetic level and today represents a major part of her life and spiritual practice. To give you an insight, she shares her experience and knowledge with you in her classes.


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