Zena Kollektiv

ZENA campaigns for more women trans * and non-binary presence in the music scene. Our goal is to counter stereotypes and gender roles, to support women, trans- and non-binary in front of and behind the decks and to make the music scene more diverse. We want to create a platform in which space for exchange and discussion can arise and artists * have the opportunity to show themselves.

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Our artists

Sole Fía

With Solė Fía energetic and bouncy sets, you can tell her sound comes directly from her heart. Through her DJ sets, you can be born again, reclaim innocence, and witness a timeless and diverse set.




Maria-José Páez

Maria-José Páez is an independent artist. Her favorite subjects are self-love, sexual freedom as well as various plants and animals. Using acrylic paint and oil pastels she creates large works of art.

“Only at a second glance you may start to realize that a simple bouquet has a hidden meaning of passion and love.”




mirella is a mannheim-based DJ. her sound is ever evolving and is reaching from house to synthpop, electro, disco and nu disco to harder styles as techno, trance and acid.






Clarence is a Heidelberg-based DJ with roots in Belgium. She started DJing back in January with support of her social circle consisting of DJs and producers. Clarence is still finding her sound, but it is clearly inspired by house, wave and techno, which reaches from trance to acid.  




Valeria is a DJ based in Heidelberg with roots in Puglia, Italy. She pulls influence from her musical upbringing that was influenced by psychedelic rock, synth wave and indie rock. The sounds that she grew up with are the sounds that have helped her redevelop her distinct interpretation of electronic music.




Na Ria

From day one Naria has been involved in the Fingerhut collective which has been responsible for a series of hidden spot Open Air Raves around Heidelberg. At first only organizing, it was just a question of time until she bumped into DJing herself. Together with three other female DJs she founded ZENA Kollektiv.



Women for Lesvos

A lack of access to menstrual hygiene products is a big issue for women in refugee camps. We, women for Lesvos, a Heidelberg-based initiative, want to help out.





Olivia is part of the 2019 founded feminist “Zena Kollektiv” as well as the local “Breidenbach Label”, both organizing parties and different events in Heidelberg’s nightlife.

Her sound varies between different styles, trying to connect people and let go.



Genre: House, Minimal, Minimal House, Break Beat, Electro, Bass


part of Zena Kollektiv & Breidenbach Label





Moonlit Brooks

Moonlit Brooks is a spoken word duo from Heidelberg with Tanya Gautam as the poetess and Denny Seidel on the piano. Taking their inspiration from experiences, both personal and universal, the duo seeks to question and comprehend life through poetry and music.



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